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Where we started

  • 1987

    Kingsley and Karin Dobrowsky started Kingsley & Associates (Pty) Ltd in June 1987. The company had offices (16sq metres) in Cliff Engineering Building in Haile Selassie Road and employed two people – a secretary and a salesman.

  • 1994

    It became the company’s main objective to produce as much as possible in Botswana and cut down on imports from South Africa. In 1994, with this objective in mind, Kingsley & Associates bought a printing company called Century Printers and renamed it Mr Print. Mr Print started with an initial staff compliment of 16 staff members. In July 1994 a building in Gaborone West became available due to a liquidated sale and Kingsley & Associates purchased these premises. Mr Print and Kingsley & Associates occupy this location to the present day.

  • 2004

    Purchase of Craft Signs means we can offer our clients all forms of branding including building and vehicle signage.

  • 2010

    Kingsley Secure establishes the first and only secure printing facilities in Botswana specialising in Security Printing, Cheques, Certificates and Degrees

  • 2015

    XCO started, specialises in the corporate clothing, gifting and Reseller markets.

    Work wear and PPE included in its offering in 2016.

  • 2018

    Kingsley and Karin bought Interpret Graphics [ one of the oldest signage companies in Botswana] This is managed by Kim Van Zyl who is also a shareholder

  • 2019

    Kingsley Medical was started to supply all medical equipment, clothing, drug and alcohol testing kits, rape kits etc.

  • 2020

    The Kingsley Group now has incorporated Mr Print ,  XCO , Kingsley Secure and Kingsley Medical into Kingsley Group.

    Kingsley currently employs 84 people most of which are citizens

    All companies except for Interpret Graphics are 100% citizen owned


We design and print to your requirements

Corporate Gifts & Clothing

We personalise and assist in innovative ideas from a range of products your clients will love

Office & Stationery

Filing, mobile cabinets, document-management to general office stationery

The Kingsley difference…. our STAFF

Kingsley & Associates started and remains to this day, a family-run business.  Our owners, Karin and Jeremy Dobrowsky are actively involved in the day-to-day running of the business and combined have more than 40 years of printing experience. There is a Leadership team made up of Onalenna, Jeff, Glenda, Carina, Black and Clyde currently support Jeremy and Karin

Our staff’s experience and expertise in meeting the needs of our clients is well demonstrated in the variety of goods that we are able to supply.  Many of our staff have been with the Kingsley Group of companies for more than ten years.  Our technical expertise is constantly developing as we endeavour to keep abreast of technological advances in all spheres of our business by maintaining supportive relationships with international printing and management companies who train our staff in the most efficient and productive methodologies.  The strength of our company, however, lies in the 84-odd staff members who, through their diverse skills, commitment and dedication have created the company that the Kingsley Group is today.

We are still a family-owned and family-run business, we just have a different definition of family.  At Kingsley, we believe that a family is a group of people who have as their common bond their values and outlook.  

We may not all be blood-relatives but we all strive to live the Kingsley Group values day-to-day and that binds us almost as tightly as blood ties. Being members of the Kingsley family means that we also look out for one another, as families should.

Social Responsibility

The impact of HIV on our company is no different to the impact that this disease  has had on other companies in Botswana.  The difference however is the way in  which we deal with it.  Kingsley & Karin Dobrowsky have, at their own expense,  paid for medical treatment for staff that become victims of this infection.  Medical  support, emotional support and nutritional support all form part of the way, we, at  Kingsley, tackle this situation.  HIV is a non-discriminatory condition that can  affect anyone, including members of the Kingsley team.  We can however, limit its  impact by ensuring that our staff have access to regular voluntary testing,  counselling and support, should they test positive.  We aim to keep our team  members healthy, productive and able to support their families for as long as  possible


The strength of the Kingsley Group is embodied in its company motto “The  Customer is King” and it is this philosophy that drives all Kingsley employees.  Our Vision is to be Botswana’s supplier of choice for printing solutions, computer  stationery solutions, cheque solutions, filing solutions, archiving solutions and  signage solutions.

Core Values

The Kingsley Group embraces, encourages and celebrates the following core  values:


The customer is king


Know our products


Know our systems


Reliability & honesty


Attention to detail




Effective communication


Professional and friendly


Deliver on our promises


Mutual respect

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