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Kingsley Secure Documents is able to produce security documents on a number of substrates and overprint a number of specialised security features using security inks, foils and numbering ribbons. The company has proved itself as a reliable security printer and has developed reliable relationships with suppliers of specialised limited-availability security printing products around the world including inks, paper, numbering technology and foils.

Personalised bank cheques constitute the highest volume of security documents produced at Kingsley Secure Documents. These are supplied to customers who either require or prefer bespoke personalised cheques for the purposes of accounting package-generated computer cheques or for brand awareness and promotion. Several different types of cheques are produced namely the following:

  • 102mm X 203mm sprocketed continuous computer cheques
  • 102mm X 203mm cheques with 203mm or 178mm large remittance
  • 93mm X 203mm sprocketed continuous computer cheques
  • 93mm X 203mm dividend cheques (with 93mm remittance)
  • 102mm X 203mm dividend cheques (with 93mm remittance)
  • 102mm X 203mm with remittance stub manual cheque books

Company bank cheques

Kingsley Secure Documents has a service level agreement with Botswana banks to print and deliver “Company 100” and “Personal 40” cheque books for its customers.

secure cheque

Security Features



Additional flourescent security features can be added as UV overprints. This is an overprint which is invisible under normal light but is visible under UV light. The design of this UV layer can be highly complicated and very difficult to falsify.



Specialist inks are used in security printing. These offer protection against alteration by both chemical and water means. By combining Aquafuge and Chemical-solvent inks, a background fugitive is produced that has double protection against alteration. Signs of attempted alteration will cause the ink in the fugitive to disappear, leaving a clear sign of attempted tampering and falsification.



Security printing composes designs of fine patterns with the aim of making falsification far more difficult. These are made up of the two kinds of security inks with subtle deliberate secret irregularities or hidden design errors so that patterns are not easily copied. Signs of tampering are very easily evident. This is a particularly useful feature for certificates, degrees and diplomas. In fact, any professional organisation that needs to ensure the integrity of its certification should consider the use of a guilloche design.

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